…the Americans were the big surprise. Most compelling was Blum’s quirky choreography, particularly her intricate lifts and demanding contortions.

-The Globe and Mail/Toronto Fringe Fest 2002

…eccentric dances about vulnerable human balances…
-Philippa Kaye, The New Yorker

…virtuosity of the awkward
-Chris Dohse, Danceinsider.com

…brilliant and quirky dancing erupt all over the place
-Tom Patrick, Danceinsider.com

. . . there’s a bravura performance here.
-Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Village Voice

…emotional expression of great range and candor…
-L.A. Small, Village Voice

The dancing is all fire and water - passionate slashes of
gesture, soft tumbles into each other and the floor.”
-George Russell, Gay City

Blum is “a first rate dancer”
-Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

`…intense physicality. The movement is extremely personal, athletic, and abstract. What an incredible spine. I became mesmerized by the sheer bravura.
-Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Danceinsider.com